I bought these new sneakers- black Nike. Unplanned purchase, but they looked good, fits my price range, and felt that it would be the only way to get me doing something healthy. So, I started running again, 20 mins each round with walking in addition to it.

Day 1 picture- went north on East River

Day 2 picture- went south on East River

Beautiful view from Day 2 of the misty Brooklyn Bridge

     This was blessed and quiet moment for me. Felt it was a morning gift for my tired eyes.

It’s good to start blogging again. The last time, not counting work related blogging, I blogged was when I used the xanga site. Now, I don’t even remember my name and password.

So, what’s going on in my life? Not a lot but at the same time a lot. Confusing? Yes. I mean, work is still quite busy, and with the added work with WOW! It’s been a lot of work, some not so enjoyable- i.e. I’m in charge of promotions. I think it’s because I don’t feel comfortable to trust my sense of creativity, but because it’s the board that needs to do most of the work, we’re all taking up the load. It’s not bad, it just that I need to be very good at the work and I’m not usually confident in areas that I’m not often applying any area of expertise.

It’s not just WOW!’s work, but also, at HYC, the work is growing with BIG coming toward end soon, HYC’s added work in helping to manage, HGC/Camp work starting up. Then there’s CLL’s continuous youth work and with the added Sunday programs, that too requires much planning.

Most new addition is our India Trip… Looking forward to getting away and focusing in a place where consumerism is not the distraction, but instead, being with genuinely lovely and good people who are hungering for a God in their lives. Yes, that’s the environment I want to go to.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned family yet. I’ve got to say, it’s been most manageable. The kids are growing more mature, even Seth. He still does his whining, self-interest demands, and lack of awareness of those/environment around him. Other than that, he’s been more loving, more understanding, and more willing to work. He does dishes every other day!! Woohoo! And reasonable enough to discuss things. Tobi as usual is so much more accommodating. But I shouldn’t take advantage of this good heart. The exciting thing is that she’s been taking part in a ballet program from Ballet Tech. I’m hoping that will be an option for middle school for her. Let’s pray for such.


Then there’s my parents, the newest update- both will be undergoing surgery within less than a month’s work. Hopefully, they’ll survive the procedures. Doctors say that they’re not at high risk, but you never know. Prayer is that they’re be more open to hear the hope of God. Another good time for mean to lean onto God for my family. Let’s hope things will work out for His glory first.

I think that’s sort of the personal update. I guess that’s the profile. You don’t need to know my interests or other silly facts for now.


Yes, hello…. I will say some more again… this is sort of a reverse step since I’m not so savvy when it comes to media that requires more than the mindless efforts I prefer…

Anyway, cyber world, my good tidings to you.

Happy Spring!